Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What to Read Next - Wednesday Book Links

Book Recommendations!

I cannot wait to get my mitts on the Treme cookbook. Treme starts up again in December, until then my culinary attempts at beignet, etoufee, dirty rice and po boys will have to suffice as New Orleans atmosphere in my home.

40 trashy novels - a must read list.  But they're classic trashy novels, not just trashy trashy novels (which also have their place bt-dubs).

The Today Show has relaunched their book club. The Bone Season by first time author Samantha Shannon is part of seven-book deal and the film rights have already been purchased. Did I mention Samantha's 21?

17 hidden gems from 2012. Still working my way through this list of quirky off-beat books.
And maybe I just think this is funny because I was the type of kid that made up a rap song to Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven and I hate the show That's So Raven.

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