Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Victoria but my gaggle of nieces and nephews call me Vee Vee. I guess the nick name is pretty catchy because now friends and coworkers also use it. It's become a real thing.

Other than loving those nieces and nephews I'm an independent lady that works full time in higher education. I have my own living space (which is the best thing ever for an introvert) but I do not currently have an outdoor space (which is the worst in the summer but I don't care in the winter). I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I love grocery shopping, stocking up, and planning my meals. I try to take care of myself by eating healthy, getting enough sleep and exercising but sometimes I fail. Cookies are too dang tasty and books/TV/movies require a lot of sitting.

My biggest passion is art - in all forms. I am a graphic designer, book worm, movie buff, and theater goer. I love museums, television, crafts, home design, and plants. I'm generally curious and I love learning new things. My education is in art and elementary education. I have two super adorable cats, one old car, two big brothers and two super sisters-in-law, five nieces and nephews, 500 plants (this is a lie), a lot of books, and a handful of good friends.

I'm excited to share some of these interests and passions with you!