Saturday, October 5, 2013

More Quality T.V. Shows with Large Female Casts

On Monday I wrote about some shows with large female casts. Here are three more enjoyable shows to add to your list.

More Quality T.V. Shows with Large Female Casts
Bunheads is a show with a terrible name but a great cast. It is written by the creator of The Gilmore Girls and has the same snappy dialogue. It is a family show about a ballerina turned Vegas showgirl who winds up in a small Californian town teaching dance with her mother-in-law.
The best part: The dancing. There the most beautiful awe-inspiring dance scenes on this show. Also a great thing: the lead is played by Tony-winning Sutton Foster.

Orange is the New Black was adapted from the book of the same name by Piper Kerman. It is an autobiographical novel about her time in a federal prison. The women she shares the prison with, and their stories, are heartbreaking, uplifting, and at times, laugh out loud funny. We also get to see Piper's priorities, relationships, and coping skills evolve during her time in prison which is fascinating.  
The best part: The diversity. These aren't women we normally get to see on T.V. From older Russian immigrants, to Latina mothers and daughters, to transsexual women, we learn a lot about why they ended up where they are.

Girls, you either love this show or hate it. I love it! The characters are young, naive, and self-involved, but they are also smart, funny, and sympathetic. It's not just the female characters that make this show worth watching. The male characters on this show are also well written and well acted. They deal with the world differently than their female counterparts and it's this dynamic, as well as the same-sex friendships, that make the show.
The best part: The writing. It's naturalistic and funny as hell.

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