Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Inspiring Work of Female Comedians

I tend to get a bit obsessive about a particular subject or genre. As a result I read, listen to and watch as much as I can. I read every night before I fall asleep, I listen to podcasts as I take my (almost) daily walks, and I rewatch favorite TV shows and movies as I cook and wash dishes and other tedious kitchen chores. I do not generally choose non-fiction books but lately I have been reading the work of female comedians. None of these materials is new on the market but I am just getting caught up with them.


Girl Walks into a Bar by Rachel Dratch
Rachel Dratch writes about her career, dating, and having a baby at 43. She approaches everything with her amazing sense of humor. Because she is not a typical Hollywood beauty the only parts she is offered are for women 20 years her senior, grossly obese women, butch lesbians and sometimes 65 year old grossly obese butch lesbians. The book is a quick and entertaining read.

Bossypants by Tina Fey

 It has taken me quite some time to finally read this book. The only fault I can find with it is it's very creepy cover, it never fails to freak me out. She made me laugh out loud and do that embarrassing thing where I try to repeat what I just read and can't get it out, but I keep trying and just sound like a babbling/laughing idiot. I am inspired by her willingness to admit to and own all that is uncool and unpopular about herself.


Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler
This is my current favorite podcast that keeps me company on my walks. I love listening to this woman. She is so energized and engaged by her guests. She is sharp, articulate, funny, curious and insightful. Her interviews tend to be long, about 90 minutes. It usually takes me at least 2 days/walks to get through one interview. Aisha tends to have fellow comedians as guests, but has also had on rappers, actresses (some occasional girl on girl action) and one of my favorite episodes featured RuPaul.


There a ton of great movies by, for, and about girls and women but these are just two that I watch again and again.

Bridesmaids with Kristen Wigg, Melisa McCarthy, and Maya Rudolph
With the exception of that one scene (which I really wish ended up on the cutting room floor) I love this movie. I love Annie's journey out of rock bottom and her struggle with feeling left behind while her best friend plans a wedding. The supporting cast is one bad ass group of women and Melissa McCarthy could make a funeral funny. My favorite scene is when Annie, alone in her kitchen, makes one perfect cupcake. I enjoy watching her do what she loves and root for her for the rest of the movie.

Mean Girls written by Tina Fey

We all love Mean Girls. Where do I even start? This film has so many quotable lines. Lindsay Lohan was at her best. The mean girl pack is just a riot, Janis and Damian are just the best, and Amy Pohler as Regina George's mom is hysterical and pathetic at the same time. Cady's back story of growing up in Africa and being home schooled was always very intriguing to me and serves as a great foil to life as a girl in a modern high school. And of course the lesson on supporting other girls/women instead of tearing them down is the cherry on top of one of the best teen movies ever made. You go Glenn Coco!


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